The City of Tehuacana, Texas est. 1849

Rich in Beauty and Heritage...........

Tehuacana United Methodist Church

Pastor:        Chris Rowe


Hours of Worship:

     8:30-9:30 - Adult Sunday School

     9:30-10:30am - Sunday Morning Worship

     5:00-6:00pm - Gathering on the Hill

Choir Director:         Bill Ferris

     Choir Practice:    Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm

Communion Services:

     1st Sunday of Every Month

Special Events and Notices:

                        Tehuacana                     Baptist



                            Dale McDaniels

Hours of Worship:

        11:00-Noon - Sunday                                      Morning Worship

        10:00 - Sunday School

Community Services:

New Hope Church in Tehuacana
The church listed as New Hope is not closed. It is alive and membership is maintain and current services are being held as of today. Thanks. - Former minister/ pastor of the church.... Tony Thibodeaux, Waco, Texas, March 03, 2008